Morning worship is held on a Sunday, at 10.30, in the parish church located in Abington.
*see further below for Communion

Evening worship is held monthly - the 4th Sunday - at 6.30pm, and alternates between Leadhills and Wanlockhead Community Centres.
2018 Theme and rota: 'On the road with Paul'

28 Jan [LH] 'Introducing Paul and his journeys' - in Acts... Keith B
25 Feb [WLH] Romans...  Morag B
25 Mar [LH] Palm Sunday: 'Journeying into Holy Week'- ...Nikki M
22 Apr [WLH] Corinthians [1 and 2]... Moira W
27 May [LH] Galatians... Keith B
24 June [WLH] Ephesians... Jen N
22 July [LH] Philippians... Moira B
26 Aug [WLH] Colossians... Moira W
23 Sept [LH] 'Harvest' theme and simple communion - Nikki M
28 Oct [WLH] 1 Thessalonians... Greta C
25 Nov [LH]  2 Thessalonians... Jen N
16 Dec [LH] Carol Service with our friends from Leadhills Silver Band - Nikki M
....to be held at LH this year - on a turn and turn about basis each year

Other services:
Depending upon the season of the year, extra services are also held, including -
  • '2nd Sunday' - Services held June/ July/ Aug/ Sept in Holy Trinity Chapel, Lamington.  Gentle, reflective, relaxing: take time out of the busy-busy to just be.  These are Taize-style shorter services lasting for about 35-45 minutes. [n.b. months may be moved to begin in Aug 2018]
  • 'Tidings of comfort & joy' - a quiet service of reflection held close to the longest night of the year: recognising that, while Christmas is a time of joy, there is also a shadow side.  In amidst the tinsel, glitter, and lights, find space to remember loved ones lost, or put in God's hands difficult life situations
  • School services - Easter, Harvest and Christmas. Joint schools services.
  • Holy Week services, as we journey with Jesus through Palm Sunday, to Good Friday, and on to the Resurrection  
Formal quarterly communion services are held on the first Sunday of the month in:

Other, simple acts of communion are also held during the year - watch for announcements.
For the most part, we aim to have 4 across our evening services through the year in:
Leadhills, Wanlockhead, on Maundy Thursday in the Parish Church, and at one of our 2nd Sunday services in Lamington

Home communion is available on request for the elderly, housebound, or ill - we are happy to 'extend the aisle'. An elder, representing the congregation, will usually be present.

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