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UCPC is located in the rural south of South Lanarkshire, covering an area of c.170sq miles, incorporating 9 villages and surrounds:

Wiston, Roberton, Lamington, Abington, Crawfordjohn, Crawford, Elvanfoot, Leadhills, and Wanlockhead.  The area is one of outstanding natural beauty, taking in the source of the River Clyde, the two highest villages in Scotland - and there's gold in those hills, rolling farmlands, as well as Roman settlements.  Although a rural parish, we are not isolated: the M74 cuts through the parish providing quick links to nearby towns.

While our main place of is located in Abington ...
[at the top of the hill, Murdostoun Place, ML12 6RY] 
...we seek to be a church presence in various ways within our wider community.

The Upper Clyde Parish Church - UCPC - strives to be a welcoming church, a place for people seeking friendship, acceptance and affirmation and a creative space for the sharing of hopes and fears, visions and concerns.  It is a forward thinking church and is exploring resources sharing with other parishes at this end of Lanark Presbytery.

UCPC aims to:
*be a place of welcome for all
*be God's people - in worship and work, and wherever we are
*deepen relationships: with God, each other, and the wider community
*encourage, support, and care for one another
*create an environment where questions are welcome
*provide space for people to seek and find God - recognising that, while we may be at different stages on the journey, we travel together in community

Historically, the parish was formed over decades by a series of unions and linkages.
In 2013, the joint linkage of Lowther and Glencaple formally became a union, resulting in the new Upper Clyde Parish.

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